Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How do they do it??

So today's blog is one for the ladies, so I have a rare day off and the flat has of course accumulated lots of mess and I'm happy to admit that a little tiny bit of the mess is mine... Ahem, OK most of the clothes on the floor might be mine and all the scattered bits of make and jewellery which seem to follow me around until they land strategically on the floor just where you can tread on it could be mine too! but hey were not all perfect! any way, where was I?

Ah yes so any way, tidy tidy tidy, armed with rubber gloves, disinfectant and all things that make a room sparkle, I enter the bathroom...and there it is! staring me right in my horrified face!
How do men manage it! Do they take aim?
Do they like to mark their territory in glorious shades of brown?!
That's right ladies I'm talking about toilet stains!! Now I'm all up for a bit of artwork but does it have to be at the back of my toilet!

I'm horrified! I cant look! Now as a past cleaner I have a pet hate of toilet brushes, of which i have seen my far share! many a loo brush was unearthed, well past there usable date and believe me they are not pretty!So there is no way I'd be using one of those!

There was nothing for it! close my eyes hold my nose and aim the bleach! hope for the best and close the lid!

Phew! crisis averted!

Any tips of dealing with the above would be much appreciated!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

dont make the same mistake!

So two days into living together and made the first mistake! partner comes into the living room having just discovered I had done the dreaded washing up (an act of cleaning he despises!), he says 'we should really set up a rota for cleaning',  My  unfortunate instant reaction was 'that will create lots of arguments when who ever was meant to have washed up hasnt', so....and here comes my big mistake...before I could stop myself the words were out there...'nah we don't need a rota!! well just do it when we feel like it!'  yes that's what i said! and where in the history of men does it say they will feel like doing the washing up! it doesn't! they don't! not ever! 

Need less to say one month in and the beautiful shine that everything (including your partner) radiates has very much worn off and cleaning is no longer fun...except maybe when your partner catches you shaking your bum to music while hoovering, wearing rubber gloves and clothes that should never be seen out of the house, for them in this instance, cleaning time is alway fun!

Monday, 1 August 2011

1 month in!

So when I originally decided to move in with my partner, i decided i would track the move with my owns tips on a blog and seek advice from fellow home makers on their survival tips to moving in with partner, spouse, lover, best friend, significant other.  One month in and i am finallly able to start blogging! and you've already missed so much! but that's fine cos I'm here to catch you up!

My first problem arose when said partner decided to claim that i had far too much stuff! Of course this spurred me on to prove him wrong....but yes, he was right and although living at home in one tiny box room i felt confident  to claim that i had hardly any stuff, I apparently had a hell of a lot of stuff!!!

Twenty supermarket boxes later, one tiny ka car to move these twenty boxes 150miles away and still the 'under the bed' zone to pack, I knew that i could never claim to having no stuff!

Any tips you can suggest to making the most of supermarket boxes (in particular ones that used to contain bananas!) or any space saving tips would be most welcome as even though I've been living here a month I still have many a secret box that said partner doesn't know about and that i still need to transport here!