Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How do they do it??

So today's blog is one for the ladies, so I have a rare day off and the flat has of course accumulated lots of mess and I'm happy to admit that a little tiny bit of the mess is mine... Ahem, OK most of the clothes on the floor might be mine and all the scattered bits of make and jewellery which seem to follow me around until they land strategically on the floor just where you can tread on it could be mine too! but hey were not all perfect! any way, where was I?

Ah yes so any way, tidy tidy tidy, armed with rubber gloves, disinfectant and all things that make a room sparkle, I enter the bathroom...and there it is! staring me right in my horrified face!
How do men manage it! Do they take aim?
Do they like to mark their territory in glorious shades of brown?!
That's right ladies I'm talking about toilet stains!! Now I'm all up for a bit of artwork but does it have to be at the back of my toilet!

I'm horrified! I cant look! Now as a past cleaner I have a pet hate of toilet brushes, of which i have seen my far share! many a loo brush was unearthed, well past there usable date and believe me they are not pretty!So there is no way I'd be using one of those!

There was nothing for it! close my eyes hold my nose and aim the bleach! hope for the best and close the lid!

Phew! crisis averted!

Any tips of dealing with the above would be much appreciated!

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