Monday, 1 August 2011

1 month in!

So when I originally decided to move in with my partner, i decided i would track the move with my owns tips on a blog and seek advice from fellow home makers on their survival tips to moving in with partner, spouse, lover, best friend, significant other.  One month in and i am finallly able to start blogging! and you've already missed so much! but that's fine cos I'm here to catch you up!

My first problem arose when said partner decided to claim that i had far too much stuff! Of course this spurred me on to prove him wrong....but yes, he was right and although living at home in one tiny box room i felt confident  to claim that i had hardly any stuff, I apparently had a hell of a lot of stuff!!!

Twenty supermarket boxes later, one tiny ka car to move these twenty boxes 150miles away and still the 'under the bed' zone to pack, I knew that i could never claim to having no stuff!

Any tips you can suggest to making the most of supermarket boxes (in particular ones that used to contain bananas!) or any space saving tips would be most welcome as even though I've been living here a month I still have many a secret box that said partner doesn't know about and that i still need to transport here!

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